April 20, 2015

After searching for 9 years for relief from pain, I found Dr.Jim. He really listened to me and got a thorough history. He was then able to describe exactly what/where my injury was, and what that muscle was used for. Within 4 visits I was walking without a cane for the first time in 4 years! Within another month I was off pain medication and muscle relaxers. I then added acupuncture to the adjustments. I quit smoking, and my sinus’ was more open than it had been in years, including the fact that I had sinus surgery last year. When Dr.Jim is in the room with me I can tell he is really listening to what I have to say, and not drifting off or impatient to move on to the next person. I have told everyone I know about him. Those I haven’t told have asked me what I’ve been doing as I look and have been moving better than I have in years. I would send anyone to Dr. Jim DuPuy.