First Visit

    • Medical history
    • Blood pressure check, pulse and respiratory rates
    • Posture evaluation, seated and standing
    • Leg length check for pelvis and lumbar spine misalignment
    • Range of motion assessment for cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines
    • Neurological exam consisting of reflexes, light touch comparison and muscle resistance
    • Orthopedic testing to the areas of concern
    • X-rays if needed

Report of Findings

Your initial exam will also include a thorough discussion of the results, where patient education about anatomy and biomechanics are addressed helping to further the patients’ knowledge on how to prevent their issues in the future.


Based of exam results your individual treatment plan will be explained to you and consist of; passive modalities such as electrical stimulation, traction, ice/heat therapy; chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic exercise such as stretching and home exercises; massage therapy such as deep tissue release, and or acupuncture.